Monday, December 2, 2013

In the Christmas Kitchen

 Yesterday was fruitcake day.

 I had been playing a little fast and loose with the recipe for the past few years with so-so results so this year I stuck to the recipe.

 I even measured out the fruit instead of just dumping it in.

 During the baking time I treated myself to a non veggie breakfast-a rarity these days. I even had some weak coffee in my Christmas cup and saucer. The ghost of gall bladders past does not let me indulge in such things on a regular basis anymore but today, I am happy to say, it must have been looking the other way. I felt fine.

The little samples I baked in a mini muffin tin turned out very yummy. That's good news. Last year I had to re-bake.

 The loaves looked good enough to eat so I am counting this year a win. Right now they are glazed with brandy and wrapped tightly for the duration. I'll be seeing them again around the 16th when this newly turned 60 year old will be indulging herself mightily.

I finished the day's cook-a-thon with some lentil soup in the crockpot that was all gone by bedtime. I had a very full tummy by day's end-and a sink full of dishes.


  1. You done good!!!!
    I baked cookies with the cookie gun yesterday and it worked! I cheated and used pillsbury pre made sugar cookie dough….
    Your breads look just beautiful.
    Oh I had Christmas music on did you?

  2. Your Christmas kitchen is making me hungry! Lentil soup in a slow cooker ... hmmm .... Tasty post!