Sunday, December 22, 2013


 Even though the gift knitting is done, there are still things to be made.

 I have a quilting project going on for someone that has turned the entire dining area into a workshop for weeks. I can't use the downstairs sewing room for the weirdest of reasons. The Mister is working on getting the outside cats to sleep inside so the downstairs is off limits at night. Jeeesh.

 The loom is also taking up a lot of room in the living room. I wanted to finish these dish towels as gifts but I kept having technical difficulties. This is a broken warp thread. I panicked when it happened and it took days for me to figure out how to fix it.

 Silly me. It was easy to fix. It was just like having a floating selvedge and I knew all about that.

 I just tied on that new warp thread and kept on going.

I'll weave in the ends when I am done.

 And I'm not even going to mention what all this gift wrapping....

 ...and baking is doing to the place. Good golly, my house is a mess.


  1. Not to worry.....that's more than likely the case in most houses this time of year. Heck mine looks like that all year. It's one of the benefits of living in the middle of no where. No one sees it but the gardener and he knows better than to say anything. ;-)