Monday, December 9, 2013


For days we've been warned that winter weather was moving towards us.

Sure enough, as promised, we got some white precipitation.

It was only a light dusting but it was pretty.

 It's not exactly snow. It's more like snow cone ice.

If I wasn't feeling so terrible from this rotten cold I would have drug the tree out and put it up.

 I started some Christmas decorating last week but gave it up when the spirit left me. I'll tell you why tomorrow.


  1. awww IM so sorry but that Holiday spirit will come back! It knows how to!
    WE got several inches of snow and it is lovely

  2. I was so excited to wake up to a pretty little dusting of snow every thing. Then I stepped outside to head to work and realized it was actually raining - by the time I got there, all the snow was gone :(