Sunday, December 1, 2013

December with Daddio

 Daddio lives for December. All year long he talks about nothing but making quilted Christmas things. I spend all year hemming his giant piles of scrappy potholders and table runners.

 I'm really tired of helping him make the same old, same old month after month but no matter how hard I try to redirect his creative energy it always comes back to Christmas.

 I am getting a bit better with the machine stippling. I suppose it's all the practice.

Now he is cutting out strips for me to weave Christmas rag rugs.

We discovered that he can glue the strips together with fabric glue and he really likes this.
All this is so strange from a guy who won't celebrate Christmas. He has no tree, no decorations, he gives no gifts and we have to drag him out to come to dinner with any of us. I just don't get it but I suppose this is one of those things that I'm not meant to understand.


  1. SO interesting that he loves to craft for Christmas but that is it!! !you are wonderful