Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bah Humbug

The Christmas Curse is upon me once again. Even The Mister, skeptical as he is, had to agree that I have no luck in the month of December. That's me, once again in the ER with Daddio but please hold your sympathy for the old coot. He took another nasty fall but it was all of his doing. Feel sorry for me or more importantly feel sorry for Little Sister because he spoiled a somber and significant family event for her and made a complete spectacle of himself because he's a hard headed old son of a gun who won't listen to reason or follow directions. All three of his daughters are on the verge of putting him on the curb.

 Far from home and dressed in my uncomfortable fancy clothes, I had to spend 24 hours in the observation ward of an unfamiliar hospital with the cranky old thing.

 In this chair-all freaking night and most of the next day.

Thank goodness I had some knitting stashed in my bag or I would have lost my mind to a much greater extent than I think I actually did.

 All I had to eat was vending machine junk. It was a miserable couple of days but it only gets worse.

 See this adorable puppy? All week long I thought that by the weekend she would be mine. I even went out and spent lots of money on everything the sweet little thing might need. She was a tiny rescue Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) from a puppy mill and after a long and complicated ordeal, I had been approved to adopt her. I was walking on cloud nine all week in anticipation of going to pick her up on Saturday. While I was away at the hospital, The Mister got the call from the adoption agency saying that she was no longer up for adoption because it was discovered she had a heart defect at her final vet check. The Mister was sick over the fact that he had to break the bad news to me when I got home from my excruciating hospital ordeal. It's bad enough facing my first Christmas without Dear Old Doggie but now I am also grieving the loss of a pup that I never even got to know. On top of it all I am sick, sick, sick. I am guessing I picked up some super germ in the hospital and will be dead by week's end. As I said, me and Christmas have a history and I should have known better than to ever get my hopes up about anything in December. Let me repeat, bah humbug.


  1. OH NO!! That's terrible. Hope Daddio is ok. I love that sock you're working on. Nothing like a little sock knitting to make a bad situation better or at least tolerable. That puppy is adorable!! I was entertaining thoughts of getting a Morkie before I got Louie but someone beat me to it. Now I'm bummed out too. That's just so sad that it's sick. Poor little cutie.:-( I hope there is something they can do for her to make her better. I think you need a good dose of some Christmas cheer. I do hope things get better soon!

  2. December is not even close to being over yet! You've still got days and days and days to make it better! Curses only work if you give them power.
    You have to look on the bright side... Daddio's fall gave you plenty of knitting time (that sock looks awesome!). And it's very sad about the puppy, but at least they found the heart defect now, and not after you adopted her - when you'd have who knows how many dollars in vet bills and the grief of losing another beloved pet so quickly.
    Personally - I think the rest of the month is going to go up, up, up!

  3. OH Honey Im sending you a huge hug. The time is not right for that pup. I was in a simlar way when A pup fell through for us before our Beloved HUCK came into our lives. HE was worth the wait.
    Your dad is on the NAUGHTY list. I LOVE your photos of the hospital ordeal.
    Fluids fluids fluids lady and get better ASAP

  4. oh crap.
    ..... I hate how all this played out. and the puppy....just miserable that you didn't get this puppy and hope the puppy will be okay. I have a friend in NJ who just adopted one like that. Keep trying. Never give up. There is one out there for you.
    Daddio. Listen up....pay attention to your daughters.
    just misery....
    It has to get better. I am going to sing "the sun will come out tomorrow for you" I can't sing by the way.

  5. Holy guacamole. I'd be bah-humbugging too! I hope you all get healthy fast. Knit strong.