Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What's the Plural of Sagittarius?

Happy birthday to #1 Son. That's him 35 years ago picking his nose on Santa's lap Not really. It only looks that way. This is what precious moments looked like before they invented digital photography.You only got one chance to get it right.
Speaking of birthday's, his birthday is today, his wife's birthday is the 19th and his son's birthday is the 21st.  Don't forget that my big day was yesterday. Yeah, that's how we do December around here. It's crazy.

 As for my birthday, I had a totally self indulgent day-minus the hours I spent sorting out Daddio's cable once again.

 After dinner at a local Italian place, The Mister and I made the huge mistake of going over to the grocery store.

 I came home with one of every sweet thing I saw. I was more than happy to be able to get my yearly spumoni fix. It's not quite the same as the usual but it'll do.

 Little Sister sent me this card. Don't you love it? I also got quite a collection of those that have a big 60 on the front. It seems that everyone that I have ever met couldn't wait to rub it in. Sigh....

 Daddio gifted me this simple sewing machine. Now I can leave my fancy one set up for quilting and use this one to sew a flat seam. Brilliant. The Mister gave me a TV for the sewing room so I'm pretty much all set for some serious project time.

Number One Son and Dear Daughter in Law sent me a gift card from-where else, Knit Picks! I see more green needles in my future.

Number Two son bought me tickets for The Nutcracker. The Mister and I will be joining him downtown on Friday evening.I can't wait. He must have ESP because I was really wanting to see it this year and hadn't mentioned it to a soul because I figured it wasn't going to happen.

 Finally, Daughter, Son in Law and the grumpy Grandkitties sent me a photo of the gift card they bought me with the promise of a supervised shopping trip so I could get some decent duds. I am always poorly dressed due to my having no taste whatsoever in clothes. Thankfully Daughter did not inherit that trait so she will make sure that gift card is well spent.

Thanks everybody! All in all, in spite of arriving at that very ugly number, I had a great day!


  1. Sounds like you got deservedly spoiled (And you're not the only Mom who has to have supervised shopping trips - I have to take my Mom out too...)

    We are a pile of December birthdays too (my niece, me, my brother, my cousin, my Dad, my grandmother, my best friend's son, my friend...) it's crazy!

  2. IT all looks like very much fun. Im a horrible shopper for clothes for myself too! Ohh Knitpicks gift card…..so fun to choose

  3. Looks like a good day. For us September is equally insane. To add to the insanity we have two birthdays on the same day. Remember any day you're above ground is a good day! Enjoy it, you deserve it.

  4. happy birthday... 60 ..... a great age..... you don't have to care any more what anybody thinks.

  5. That's quite an enviable birthday loot you've got there! I'm thinking you might just want to turn 60 every year! LOL