Friday, March 22, 2013


My lovely Undine socks are done. Even the ends are woven in.

As usual, all my fretting about the stripes was for naught. They look perfect without any fiddling about on my part.

I am particularly in love with the heels and toes as they look like a completely different but coordinating yarn. Look at the lovely rainbow that emerges as the diameter gets smaller. Brilliant.

Same with those heels. I can't thank Wandering Cat Yarns enough for this lovely gift. If you want to see some of their beautiful hand dyed yarns over on Etsy go here. I'm waiting for some that I picked up this weekend on their March Break sale myself.


  1. They look fantastic!

    It's funny, I was just commenting to Mom about how I was thinking of taking Swamp Thing out of the shop because I liked it so much... then she looks and says "Nope - you can't - it's sold!"

  2. Oh they are just so lovely. VEry nice work my friend.
    Im headed over to mark the site as a new favorite,