Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Fling

I took the camera out yesterday to see if there were any signs of life. In the woods, I was happy to see my favorite clump of fairy flowers had made it through the winter.  Aren't they adorable?

Also in the woods were these pretty crocus. The underground critters grab the bulbs and replant them in the strangest places.

 This yellow blossom was over on the sunny side of the house in a dreary patch of mud.

Of course my pretty pink camellias were blooming all over the place. The two red ones are still sleeping.

The roses are enjoying the sunshine through the leafless trees. In a few weeks they will be in too much shade for any more that a bloom or two all summer.

The hydrangea is coming back to life. I hope we have as many blooms this year as we did last year. The old thing out did itself.

The rhododendrons are in bud but they will stay that way until May. The poor things were all but destroyed by Snowpocolypse. The Mister wants to replace them but I haven't the heart.

Last but not least, the vinca that grows up against the house has begun to bloom and put out new runners. They will be a giant pain in a few weeks but for now I appreciate the reminder that winter is over.
Happy first day of spring!


  1. I'm loving all the spring blooms here. Keep em coming....they may be the only spring I get this year. It is 7 degrees here this evening with more snow forecast for tomorrow with a windchill of -20F. Won't that be fun!

  2. Oh the flowers are soooo pretty. THanks I needed that.
    It is in the teens today and FREEZING in CHicago

  3. oh weeping and boo hooing .... I miss those plants so much ....stupid old Florida anyway. what a pretty place you live!