Friday, March 8, 2013

Undine the First

The major snowstorm bust was a disappointment but I have to say I would really rather have an early spring. I would rather be wearing my pretty Undine socks and not some scratchy Lopi mittens any day.

I finished this one while preparing for the snowstorm by watching of all things, Jack Frost, a not so great Christmas movie-in March. I was really trying to get in the spirit but like the storm, the movie fell a bit flat. Not the socks though. This pattern is gorgeous and so is the yarn. I love the way the colors appear different on different parts of the sock. It makes it look like I was clever enough to do that when it was the yarn that did all the work.

The lace pattern is much prettier on my leg than it is on the sock blockers but my legs are in no shape to be showing off spring socks. I need a date with a razor and a little sunshine first.


  1. It looks fantastic! I love feather and fan so much - so simple but so darn pretty!

  2. GOrgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I admire you..knitting lace and on a sock!~!

  3. gorgeous yarn, lace and socks!
    sock envy