Monday, March 18, 2013

My First Sheep to Sweater want me to put on what?
This project started as a joke. I knew it would be a hot mess but I just wanted to see what it would take to wash and spin enough fleece for a sweater. Using the scraps of my Corriedale fleece, I had nothing to lose and no real plan in mind other than finish a simple raglan just for the experience of doing it.

What is this thing? It's not for me, right?
 Daughter was kind enough to model it for me. It still needs its ends woven in and to be washed and blocked but you get the idea. Lots of color, lots of stripes-all spun in a sort of woolen willy nilly fashion from some pitiful rolags I made from my terrible hand carding of the worst quality locks I had leftover from other projects.

OK. I'm cold. We are done here.
As a prototype, it served it's purpose. I am definitely doing this again when I can get my hands on enough decent quality fleece. Come May 4, I may be heading to the big bags of Merino at the fleece sale of the MDSW-if I can put enough pennies away between now and then, that is. That stuff is expensive.


  1. I'd wear it with pride. It's a gorgeous sweater.

  2. I think this sweater is absolutely awesome! All it needs is a nice chair to sit in (beside a nice fire) and good book and a hot cup of cocoa!