Saturday, March 23, 2013

In the Loop

I worked up the courage to hook some wool strips into my burlap. This is the result of try number two. Number one was awful.

This one is not so great either but I am fond of it. The loops are supposed to be in rows and sort of straight and you can see that is not happening.

One reason is that I am starting on the outside of the shape I am trying to fill. You should start on the inside and work out but I am not brave enough to try this yet. I need those lines to help me get things situated. Maybe I will give it a go on the next petal because if it is one thing I have learned, those loops are really easy to pull out.
I am using this video series to figure this all out.


  1. Hi, just a tip, if you work a circle outline then work inwards you will find that the threads of the background material will tighten up and getting your hook into the middle may be difficult. love the colours, when I first saw the photo I thought you were embroidering bullion stitch. BTW snowing hard here in the UK suspect spring is going to be very late !!!

  2. You are so right about that material pulling in in the center. You can see how wonky the stitches get. I've done 3 petals the wrong way and now I think I am brave enough to start the 4th in the circle and work out.
    This has been a crazy spring here too. Snow, wind cold and to think it was 70 in February.

  3. How beautiful! I would love to give this a try. Something else to add to the bucket list.
    For now, I'm happy to follow your progress.

  4. Very excited to watch this progress. This is also going on my list of stuff to do one day. I would love a little bed side rug.

  5. SO COOL! I too am wanting to try this! I've done latch hooking with yarn but I love the look of this with the wool strips.

  6. oh A...I am in love with this project of yours. I won't be copying it, but I'll be cheering you on to the finish.