Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Got Snow?

No, you are not crazy. You may have seen this post before. I wrote in on February 27 and meant it to be published on March 5th, then I went and clicked the button so it was published on February 5th by mistake. I tried to fix it but it published instead on February 28th still with the date of March 5th so I deleted the whole darn thing and started over.

Jeesh. All I wanted to do was to show off some crocus I found growing in the woods but the whole thing seems a little anti-climatic now after all that drama.
Oh, and guess what they are calling for here tomorrow? Snow. Lots of it. Of course, I'll believe it when I see it.


  1. Well just so it doesn't snow by me..........I have totally had it with snow!

  2. That cluster was in your woods????AMAZING.
    I may have to make it my screen saver
    12 inches of snow coming to us today

  3. I just watched the weather forcast...
    lots of it