Friday, March 29, 2013

Almost Bed Ready

The giant puddle of fabric I have been machine quilting for months is finally done-the quilting part that is. I still have to trim it and bind it. Getting pictures of anything I want to show off is hard this time of year. I now have a deck that is half in the sun and half not. Not bad for socks and skeins of handspun but as you can see it's just not working for things as big as this quilt.

 I really love this quilt. It is nothing to be proud of-technical wise, but I love the colors and the crazy pattern.

The best thing I can say about my free motion quilting is that it was free. Dragging that material around trying for the look of a carefree meander was hard work. I sure wish I had the money for one of those fancy long arm doo-hickeys. This was torture.

All things considered it wasn't too terrible for my first try at something larger than a table runner but I certainly would think twice about doing something this big on my little machine, in my teeny tiny craft room ever again.