Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cover Up

I love aprons. I wear them all the time. I feel naked without one on. I spied this clearance fabric over on Connecting Threads and had to have it. This summer I will be all about fruit as I prance about the kitchen cooking and cleaning my way through the day (ha). All this will come to pass only if I can find my favorite apron pattern. I know it has to be here somewhere but the sewing room is such a complete mess that I can't find anything. Some serious spring cleaning is long overdue.

I also had to have a couple of yards of this clearance macaron print but I have no idea what it will become. Daughter's wedding shower was all about the macarons so maybe she will have an idea.

Last but not least I bought four packs of solid Mirage in hopes of giving Daddio some inspiration for another project but it was too stiff a fabric for paper piecing. Now it is mine to do what I want with it. I am thinking there is an Amish inspired quilt in my future but not until I finish several tops I already have lying about. So many plans-so little time.


  1. I love beautiful fabrics. I better not have a look at that website or I'm in trouble! But I would love one of those apple aprons!

  2. How cute that you wear an apron. I almost never do. I have a wonderfully made apron from a blog friend ...its my GO TO

  3. I've got some fabric tucked away to make aprons - I just have to find the time!