Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Interrupted

At around 3:30 am I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I could hear the rain we were expecting on the roof so when I peeked out the window an hour or so later I was more than surprised at what I saw.

We panic at unexpected snows because we are at the bottom of a long steep driveway. I had to get Daddio to the doctor's in a few hours so I drug The Mister out of bed to move the vehicles before we got snowed in.

 We have only had a dusting in several years so it was impossible to return to bed and ignore what was happening outside.

 Still in my pajamas, I put on my Crazy Corriedale sweater and had as much fun as my ancient self could have that early in the morning.

 I am happy to report that on it's maiden voyage, the sweater was lovely and warm. I had just woven in the ends the night before and have still yet to block it.

As the sun came up, it all started to get soggy and wet.

 It was time to head back in. A big breakfast was in order.

It was pure bliss snuggling back under the covers with a full tummy for a quick nap while still watching the snow continue to fall. It was nice to finally have a little winter. By late afternoon it was almost all gone.


  1. Those waffles look so good!! Now I'm craving waffles! We have way to much snow here already so NOT craving that. ;-D Must be nice to be able to enjoy winter for a few hours and then have it be gone! I think I could handle that.

  2. I see it's your turn for the snow today!! ours is melting but it looks like we will have a white Easter so no outdoor spinning for us for a while. Thinking about taking my wheel down to the steam fair but with the temp expected to be around freezing I suspect I will be spinning in the beer tent!!

  3. what a heavenly morning. the picture of you in the snow with your sweater a kaleidoscopic of color is awesome. think you could have blocked it by just laying it on that wet snow while it melted and wait for the sun to come along and dry it.

  4. Fun in the snow, waffles and maple syrup and back to bed...priceless!