Saturday, March 30, 2013

Caught Cha!

The only thing interesting about this post is that I finally figured out why all of a sudden I am posting on the wrong date all the time lately. It's not me. I set this post to publish on March 28 and I watched it switch to today's date all by itself. If you don't hit the DONE button soon enough it seems to want to switch all on it's own. At least it does on my computer.

Now that all this is cleared up I can tell you about these Easter egg dyed Corriedale socks-the last of the ones coming off the needles for a long while. The locks were dyed last Easter with Paas egg dye and I couldn't ask for prettier colors although I recall being very disappointed in them last spring.

 These locks to be exact. You can read about all about it here.

I have been avoiding making eye contact with the egg dye displays in the stores because I really don't have anything out in the shed worth dyeing this year. Having wrote that, I am more than sure I will out digging in the fleece shed before the day is out seeing if there is something I may have overlooked because it has become something of a tradition to dye fleece along with the eggs and I am such a creature of habit. Sigh. What I really should be doing instead is finishing this other dang sock.


  1. hmmm....I haven't tried egg dye yet. I will have to give it a try. I love your socks!

  2. love the colorful socks.
    and it's your fault.
    I am becoming addicted to the idea of hooking.

  3. THat is a great sock story.....No way will I dye my own would be a sure mess for me.
    Your sock is gorgeous