Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Where Earth Meets Sky


The All Soul's Night soap came out pretty darn good. I was hoping it would. 

High on that success, I got in over my head with the next batch. It's a fragrance called Earth Meets Sky and I thought I would do some clay layers with some blue at the top. I thought if I poured the blue at the back of the pitcher it would go in last. It didn't. 

It looks pretty calm on the surface but I am sure it's a big mess under there. We'll see tomorrow. 

And...I lied to myself when I said I was over sock knitting for a while. I'm so used to having something to work on when we take the dog for a walk so I cast on these navy striped Pairfects. They are for me. I made the black and green version last year for myself and love them. 

I was out with the dog, down by the bay and knitting on those socks when I got a frantic call from Daughter yesterday. She and SIL were at the National Zoo yesterday morning when they were evacuated. They were put out on the road and told to get as far away from the zoo as possible. They didn't know if it was a mass shooting or the bomb threat it turned out to be. They just ran. 

They weren't allowed to get their car so they had to ride the Metro all the way back into MD to the MIL's stop where she picked them up and took them home. SIL then had to ride the Metro all the way back to the zoo and wait for the all clear so he could get his car out of the parking lot. I've sat through many a bomb threat at my old school and I know how miserable and scary they are. I hope they catch the fool who did it.


  1. It is ridiculous what is going on in this country lately. Sorry your daughter had to experience it first hand.

  2. What a shame about the bomb threat. It's a crazy world out there. Pretty new socks and very pretty soap.

  3. The socks are great--the bomb scare, not at all!

  4. The soap is so pretty.

    I do not understand the type of people who think it's funny to call in a bomb threat. It just makes no sense to me!

  5. I'm sorry your kids had to go through that. This world has gone insane. On the upside, the soap looks great and so do your new socks.

  6. That soap is lovely, and almost matches your sock yarn! I really like Regia yarn, too. So glad your daughter and her SIL are OK. That must have been really scary. It sure seems that some people are doing really crazy things now.