Friday, August 25, 2023

Maiden Voyage


I finally have everything I need to make some fall and winter soap so I gave it a go in my new digs. It was awkward. It's going to take me a while to get used to where everything is and to make the space comfortable to work in. 

I always start with something simple. This is some Plain Ole Goat soap, no color, no fragrance, nothing fancy about it. 

It turned a buttery yellow most likely because I added some buttermilk and yogurt along with the goat's milk to it. It developed some glycerin rivers even though I forgot to add the honey and didn't add any heat to the incubator. Heat from sugar or outside sources usually cause this so I'm scratching my head wondering about it. I also forgot to add the superfat so it won't be a very conditioning soap. Oh, well... the good news is I can try again tomorrow...and so on and so on until I get it right. 


  1. It looks good to me. Your soap is always great in my humble opinion.

  2. It will still be good hand soap by the sinks. A simple soap is always useful.