Thursday, August 24, 2023



Doored that rhymes with bored. For the past two days all I've done is watch The Mister in an epic battle with some new closet doors. We started this project before his hip surgery and gave up but now with the knee surgery looming he's all gung ho to get it done. Nothing we did got those doors to work in the space so now we have to remove the molding and move it back. Easier said than done since he tripped and fell over the miter saw a while back breaking it. Since we've got to get a new saw and some molding I get a break and then it'll be back to watching The Mister carrying on again. He always needs an audience. Until then he's boring me to death with all the online miter saw shopping.  Good times. 


  1. House projects…at a bit older age….ha! Not for sissies! Time, time, time ..and trips to Home Depot!
    Hang in there, V.

  2. Dennis has his hand splint off so he's gung ho on getting things done before his next surgery. I feel your pain. :-)

  3. What is it with men needing an audience when they work on something... Dave is forever trying to get me to "help" with stuff and I mostly just end up standing there watching!

  4. That sounds like a fairly complicated project! It sounds like it's keeping you busy and your DH out of mischief>

  5. Now that is a bummer to have to undo the molding! I hope things have gone smoothly since this day cuz I am behind reading blogs!