Saturday, August 19, 2023

The Summer of Soccer Sox


This is it. The game this morning for third place and the final game tomorrow at 6 am will be the end of my summer of soccer. I've got a lot to show for it knitting wise. All three pair are past the heel and well onto the foot. 

Even the two at a timers were able to keep up. I'm debating whether I am going to continue round robining them or just dedicate myself to completing one pair at a time. 

The Big Gray Blob has also reached a milestone. I've got both sleeves at the same place now. Now I've got some hard decisions to make measurement-wise before I start any of the ribbing. 


  1. Beautiful knits!!! While I think you are crazy for doing midnight knitting, it sure yielded great results! lol

  2. You are a sock knitting machine! They all look fab!

  3. Look at that! You've almost got three more pair of socks from all that middle of the night knitting. The big gray blob is well on it's way to being finished too.

  4. That's a whole lotta knitting. Congrats.