Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Surprise Giveaway!!!

When my tub looks like this I know it's time to unload some soap. I've tried all of the latest cures and they are all wonderful.

 I wasn't fussy or fancy. I just plopped the colors in on top of each other.

They colors are made from clay and the tops are sprinkled with lots of different colors of sea salt.

They are big, rustic looking bars. The Mister really liked them.

He's already used up several of them and asked for more.

 They all smell the same. I used up all my "spa" scents and I am not too fond of any of them so they are all on the mildly scented side.

Since you can't describe a spa scent other than to say it smells like something vaguely familiar, I called them all the same thing: Sea Salt & Clay.

I've got about 30 bars to re-home.

 I've also started working on the card that will ride along.

So......if you want to participate just send me your mailing info on Ravelry or at and sometime this summer just when you least expect it, I will send you one of the beach bars-my choice this time. Surprise!


  1. They all look so pretty. You always make them interesting colors and I love the frothy tops.

  2. Looks so pretty, like sand in a bottle, especially the blue one. Liana

  3. How lovely to indulge in one of your spa soaps!

  4. Perfect for summer - love the colors.

  5. There's nothing better than a summer soap surprise!!

  6. It reminds me of the bottles of sand you get at the beach with the different layers. Very pretty.

  7. You have no idea how excited I am about this! :)

  8. Those are such pretty soaps! Thank you for doing another giveaway.

  9. You are so dang generous. Thanks