Saturday, June 22, 2019

Done, Done and Not Done

 The stripey man socks are done. It took some brain power to get the stripes to work out where the knot was but I figured it out. These are Felici.

 The other stripey pair are off the needles too. These are Cascade.

 The naughty needle pair is just where I left it-broken needle and all. I am waiting for some nickle plated fixed circulars from Knit Picks. I've learned my lesson with the pretty wood ones.

Finally, my handspun Hitchhiker has 25 teeth now. I've been trying to get a tooth on a day but you know how that goes. Life has a bad habit of getting in the way.


  1. It's hard to get a tooth a day towards the end as the rows get longer and longer bit by bit.

    The socks look great. You'll be ready for fall with some spiffy new socks.

  2. You have lots of finishes! I love that Felici colorway. The Cascade pair are really pretty too.
    Most of my needles are wooden because I like the feel and the warmth instead of cold metal, but...I knit all of my socks on dpn's and I love my metal Hiya Hiya sharps. They are wonderful! I've tried circular, two at a time, 9 inch needles, etc. , but I always end up back with my dpn's.
    Love that Hitchhiker too!

  3. Great progress on the socks--as soon as the new needles come, you will finish off those socks quickly. Nice work on the shawl, too!

  4. Nearly all of my circular needles are Knit Picks Options (nickel-plated) and I love them. I hope you do, too.

  5. Beautiful socks! I love Hitchhiker so much - it's just a beautiful pattern that really shows off the wool!
    Last night I sat on my WIP and broke a needle. I should be in the naughty chair but my WIP is retired until I can replace the needle.

  6. What wonderful socks! Love those orange/yellow stripey ones. The ones still on the broken needle are going to be beautiful.

  7. Darn that naughty sock pair, I like them best

  8. Awesome socks! I think the Cascade pair are my favorite. I love your Hitchhiker too. Good luck with keeping up with a tooth a day as it grows. I'm at the 'takes 8 hours to knit 1 row' stage of mine.

  9. Those teeth get farther and farther apart as you knit, good luck on the finish.