Monday, January 14, 2019

Snow Day Interrupted

Every winter that I remember to go out to the shed and dig out this guy......

 .......I seem to get this.

 We woke up to just over 6 inches yesterday morning and got another 4 or 5 inches during the day.

I was all for letting it be but The Mister had to go out and fight with it for a few hours.

I would have been content to just watch from the window and enjoy the day while I knit on my Snowfling mittens but no...the entire day got ruined by some very naughty technology that is lucky it wasn't thrown off the deck. Story to follow.


  1. Mandy’s neighbor in Edgewater posted some pictures on FB of the snow. She was excited. It was bittersweet to see their house across the street. I enjoyed my visits to the area. Sure wish I would have known you better then. I would have loved to say hi in person. Anyway, enjoy your snow now that it’s finally arrived.

  2. You sure got a whole lot more than we did! We had under an inch. I want a BIG storm - big enough that I stay home from work and have the day (or two) to knit, read, nap, etc.

  3. We ended up with about 5 inches of snow plus 3/4 inch of frozen rain on top. Can't believe, but Very happy to report that our power stayed on through out the storm. Your mittens are lovely!

  4. You've got miles more than us. It's cold, but everything is bare and green

  5. Oooh, the mittens are fabulous, and I seriously love your ruler/yardstick!

  6. What is it about guys and fighting the elements?! lol The mitten looks good in the snow!

  7. Yeah, that snow! Fortunately, this time I was far enough south and east that I only had rain. Lots and lots of rain though that we really do not need. This is my first year not to have to shovel the driveway, walks and deck. Hope there are no technological problems for you today.

  8. Uh ..... sounds interesting.

    Your mitts are beautiful. I love burgundy and white together.

    We didn't get very much snow here, just a dusting and it was easily pushed away with the shovel or the broom (for the porch).

  9. Nice snow stick! Your mittens are lovely! :)