Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Nerd Talk

I threw the world's biggest hissy fit on Sunday. I should have been enjoying the rare snow day but instead I was kicking around computers and using language no one should ever have to hear.  This is my faithful old printer that in November stopped working for whatever reason. Of course after I ordered a new one it started working again just fine. Until Sunday.

So I dug out the new one and hooked it up only to find that it too wouldn't work. Neither printer would recognize my WIFI password.  #&$*#&$*$%!!!

After hours of researching the issue I gave up on the wireless printing I always had used and hooked up a USB to my Chromebook.

It also was a no go. It seems Chromebooks don't like USB printing. Their heads are in the clouds-literally. Google Cloud Print is the devil's work I tell you. The devil's work.

In desperation I dug out The Mister's old packed away desk top. Thankfully I got the USB cable to work with it. I was in no mood to deal with wireless anything at this point.

All this desperation was to get the February soap wrapped which as you can see I finally managed to do late that night.

I am not happy about having all this "technology" taking up so much space in the craft room but again-you have to do what you have to do.

Ta dah....an abbreviated label but a label. I can't believe I pulled this off. I feel like I should have earned a degree in computer tech after all this but I really can't tell you what I did or how I did it. It was hit and miss and it looks like I have a hit. For now.


  1. I detest technology sometimes. Printing is the bane of my existence. We have a laser printer and ink jet printer. The theory is, one will work when the other one decides not to. Ha! They both go on strike at the same time for no apparent reason every once in a while. I’m so glad that you got things figured out at least a little. Now you can take a deep breath and attack the wireless ones again. Blessings, Betsy

  2. Nothing like a computer glitch to raise the blood pressure and eat up time! (I assume you tried to change your wifi pw to get everything to play together?)

  3. Sometimes technology sucks. I am glad you found a work around...but sounds like you wasted the better part of a day. Do you make Jewelweed Soap?

    1. If I could get my hands on some Jewelweed I would. After my struggle with poison ivy this past summer I need to keep a supply of it on hand. I bought some on Amazon. It's amazing.

  4. We have a very picky printer. Sometimes it will do its wireless thing flawlessly. Other times you can cuss like a sailor, but you ain't gettin' no printin' today!

  5. My printer has also stopped working - I'm ignoring it right now and going to the library to print anything I need. Technology pretty much drives me crazy - and the millions of miles of wires … don't get me started!

  6. I enjoy technology when everything works like it should. Cannot even begin to imagine your frustration level in dealing with the computers/printers. Hope everything gets back to working like it should.

  7. Welcome to my world and as much as I LOVE technology printers can be a pain in the - well, you get the picture. Congrats on the wins!