Saturday, January 5, 2019

Registered Mail

I got a slip stuck on the door the other day that said I had to come to the post office to sign for a package. That was weird. I didn't remember ordering anything that important that it needed a signature.

As soon as I saw the package I knew what it was. It was my Russian watercolors that came all the way from.....Russia. That was a surprise since I ordered them from Amazon.

They look fun.

I really liked the first set of Russian watercolors that I bought last month. They are different from the paint I'm used to so it's going to take a lot of swatches to learn how to control them. A little bit of water goes a very long way.

 In a complete act of insanity I bought the January card kit from Simon Says Stamp. I already have tons of penguin and snowmen stamps so I'm not sure what I was thinking.

Making it even worse, I watched a tutorial of someone using those stamps to make a card using these pencils. That's a problem because these pencils are $60. Yes, you read that right 60. In my defense I was in the middle of my holiday pity party and I think I was trying to buy my way out of feeling miserable. It didn't work. It never does. I did end up with some nice stuff so what the heck. It's only money and you sure can't take it with you.


  1. Paints from Russia? On Amazon? No way that’s a ne won’t. But they are really pretty colors and I’m sue you’ll have fun with them.

  2. I have the same watercolours, only 24 in a box! Wish to go back to drawing this year. Will keep you company.

  3. I see you have been very busy with renovations and projects. Love the beautiful colors in your Russian watercolors. Do you find them different from watercolors you already have?

    1. They are different. They are thicker and the color is more intense. A little goes a long way as I found out the hard way.

  4. The watercolors look pretty intense! The pencils will make for a very good coloring time!

  5. Have fun with your new paints and pencils!

  6. Once again I sigh and realize that there are some things I simply do not have the talent for - that's why it's fun to watch someone else working in different mediums! It's a very good lesson for me to see you creating swatches in watercolor!

  7. Coloured pencils are my favourite medium... I bet those $60 feel wonderful on the paper!

  8. they might be pricey, but faber-castell is a very good brand - and the polychromos are the rolls-royce in all things pencil:)over here (germany/ireland) you can even get single pencils if you need replacement, so once you have the basics it's easy to refill! have fun with them - and the rest:)

  9. What wonderful new craft items. Will be fun to see your new creations.

  10. Well i hand it to u for trying to cheer yourself!