Friday, January 18, 2019

Piece By Piece

 When we knock off work on the floor early I can squeak out an hour or so at the sewing table that I pushed in front of the big window. When the sun is going down there is still plenty of light for hand sewing.

The latest Dear Jane is finished and has been added to the big pile.

The fate of the pile is unknown. Every time I see it I get goosebumps thinking about taking all those tiny glued in paper pieces out.

One of the good things about having an empty bedroom with a mattress on the floor is to be able to use it as a horizontal design wall. Daddio's very last paper pieced creation was stalled because I couldn't figure out how it was supposed to be put together but I think I figured it out.

 I had taken the time to label it back in the day but I couldn't make sense of it just looking at the piles of pieces.

Now that I know where to start again I think Dear Jane will take a break until I get this together. Working with these big pieces is the right speed for me now. At the end of a day of banging I am really tired.


  1. Your quilts are beautiful! And Dear Jane is something to dream about.

  2. What a pretty quilt and what a great bit of detective work to figure out the layout again!
    I can imagine you are exhausted after doing the flooring each day! (and these pieces look huge compared to the Dear Jane quilt blocks!)

  3. Dear Jane's colors are so pretty.

  4. I marvel at your patience with Dear Jane!

  5. Those are both beautiful. I love the nearest dear Jane blck. And the quilt from your dad is gorgeous. Take care of that back of yours while doing all that banging on the floor. Blessings, Betsy

  6. That latest Dear Jane block is beautiful. Love the colors. Your Dad's quilt is beautiful. It looks like you have the perfect arrangement of nine patch blocks to make the secondary design with the navy blocks. It is going to be a beautiful quilt.