Friday, January 11, 2019


This time last year I was full of hope for a happy new year. It was anything but. Today is the one year anniversary of Daddio's passing. Last year was pretty darn miserable but it did go by quickly-as they all seem to do these days.

With all the borders done, this year's plan is to work on the sheep for the Sheep Virtues sampler. I hate it. Working with light colors is not fun. All that light gray looks messy. I'm a pretty sloppy stitcher but that looks bad even for me. Oh, well.

 My disaster of a sewing corner has been moved once again to accommodate all the bedroom junk piled up all over the house so serious stitching is out the question.

I did pull out Dear Jane. It was nice to work on it again. It satisfied an itch.

An itch that started with this. It's from the new Connecting Threads catalog and I love it. I love everything about it. I love the pattern. I love the colors. I love the material-but I don't need another quilt kit stashed in the closet. Having said that, if it ever goes on sale, it will be mine. Let's just hope it sells out quickly. I don't think I can fit another one in the closet.


  1. I think your Hope sheep looks great. Remember, no one is going up to it with a magnifying glass.

    Thinking of you and sending a virtual hug on this hard day.

  2. I think your sweet little sheep looks lovely. I started a cross stitch yesterday and I’m really enjoying it. I believe it is destined to be a pillow for Christmas but I may change my mind before that. That quilt is gorgeous. I really like the colors too. I’m praying this will be a better year for you my dear friend. Blessings, Betsy

  3. The sampler is progressing nicely. You'll love it as more sheep are added. The "firsts" after a loss are difficult - be kind to yourself today.

  4. You are to critical of yourself. I think Mr. Sheep looks just lovely. And what sheep has every curl of wool in place anyway.
    I admire your resistance on the kit purchase. I'm really trying to reign in my spending this year and its so very hard!

  5. Your sheep looks great! So great it's inspired me to go in search of that cross stitch pattern/kit... and I don't even cross stitch anymore. But I might if I found that design.

  6. How precious is year sure can bring changes we never thought we'd face.
    Still your cross stitch looks beautiful-and the quilt kit is a temptation alright!

  7. Healing (which doesn't mean forgetting) is such a difficult thing but you are moving forward by your beautiful craft and home projects - You're not stagnating, you're creating and that is wonderful -

  8. Hoping 2019 is a much better year for you and your family. I think you are too critical of your work on the sampler. The block that you showed the closeup of is very pretty.

  9. I'm sorry you have been doing it tough the past year. I'm concerned that it may have taken a toll on you. I read your post and ask "Why all the negativity?" For example: I don't see a "disaster of a sewing corner" - I see a typically busy corner with lots on the go ... creativity overflow. Nothing wrong with that.
    If you are hating working particular colour combinations, remember you have the power to modify the design with brighter colours. Who says sheep need to be white all the time? Have you seen the picture book "Where is the Green Sheep"? It's fun... or... the rhyme "Baa Baa Black Sheep"? You could be a 'black sheep' yourself by modifying your criss stitch pattern. Personally, I Love your cross stitch and I love the concept of a 'virtues' sampler. I am eager to see how it looks as you fill in the squares for each one. Nobody examines the individual stitches that closely - it's the overall effect that people see and a bit of imperfection is the most charming thing about handworked item.
    It is easy to get overwhelmed and stuck when life weighs us down (trust me I've been there) and I'm wondering if that is where you're at. Please be kinder to yourself. No one is criticising your work but you! May 2019 be better for you, bringing comfort and your positive spark again. I'm glad Dear Jane helped you feel good. Make this the year to turn the negatives into positives. Sending gentle hugs and goodwill. Jodie xx

  10. Hi Araignee

    I'm not sure how I found my way to your blog but have just spent hours reading back thought your posts, you sure had your share of sorrow last year. Just wanted to say that I can't follow you for some reason but that I wish you a much better year in 2019. In between the sadness your sense of humour is infectious and I love your blog!

    And, we're both in our early 70's here and just took on a Havanese Puppy called Dudley. I could see a lot of Old Doggie there. He's adorable but it's been hard work - finally we seem to be winning though and the love and joy he's brought to us is immeasurable - so please don't close the door totally on ever having another puppy. Love, Di x

  11. Sorry you had a tough year. I know what it is like to mourn a special pet. I like your sheep sampler it will be awesome when you are done! Those boxes look interesting too:)