Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Winter Preview

 I hated the September card kit of the month so I opted out and then went on a spending spree to make it up to myself.

 The problem was that the fall themed kits I wanted would not be released for another few weeks.

 I pre-ordered a few of them and then made myself happy buying last year's Christmas kits instead.

 You can't have enough snow people, right?

 I also got some zig zag and banner dies.

 That's what the zig zag does. I bought it to go with the absolutely adorable Halloween kit I should be getting in a week or so.

Ta dah.....not terribly original but I can see The Mister having fun with these once I convince him that making our own Christmas cards again this year is a good thing.


  1. Making your own Christmas cards would be a VERY good thing. Those are adorable!

  2. I adore the snowmen! They are my favorite winter decorations. I have snowman sitting all over the house! Fun! It's the only good way to enjoy snow in my opinion. Ha ha!
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. They really are cute cards, even though I don't want to think about snow yet!

  4. So cute and very ambitious of you to be making your own Cristmas cards. I have trouble just getting the store bought ones out.

  5. Making your own cards is just amazing. Each one is a work of art Deborah! By the way I did not misbehave in the kitchen last night. Our pact is working!

  6. They are super cute! I like your style. Why get the stuff you don't like and you know you won't use? I completely endorse your crafting overcompensation. hehe.

  7. Love them! I'm trying to make more cards this year and always looking for inspiration. Live the zig zag dies!

  8. Those snow men look so nice as I sit here and sweat!

  9. You really do preform magic with these cards!
    These are so cute!