Sunday, August 6, 2017

In Stitches

In the peace and quiet of other people's houses I get to stitch along with FlossTube. I never seem to have time to do this back at home.

 I packed my two most neglected stitching projects for the weekend. On an impulse I bought this faux Q Snap at Micheal's when I stopped in on my way here on Friday. It was a waste of money. The clips are so tight you can't get them on or off. Boo.

 I have been using this standing lap hoop with my little sheepy sampler back at home but....

I hate the creases it leaves. The legs also get in the way when you are a two handed stitcher. It's just too fiddly.  I'll have to think of something better when I get home.

 Santa and his little sheep also came along for the ride. I am happy to say that my new system of enlarging the patterns and then using a highlighter as I go really helps me keep my place. I was having no fun trying to stitch the way I used to in the good old days when I could thread a needle without a magnifying glass. Old eyes equals new tricks. At least it keeps my brain working.


  1. Have you tried stitching "in hand"....I roll my fabric diagonally starting at the lower left corner and then putting two laundry pins on each end of the rolled part. It gives you a firm place to hold and gets the excess fabric out of the way. No creases ... no Q-snap fuss.

  2. I'm going to have to try that!!!

  3. My eyes are rapidly deteriorating. I used to make fun of my mother not being able to thread a needle, now I need readers and a bit of luck to do it myself. Enjoy your time away.

  4. Oh I adore your Santas!!!! He's wonderful. I love how you get so much time to stitch when you are pet sitting. Sometimes I can't sit still when I know there is dusting etc to be done. It takes getting away to get going!

  5. That sheep! He's adorable. I've never done anything with the Q-snap frames so I wouldn't know the difference. I want to get back to more embroidery someday. I'm waving at Santa and wishing for cooler weather!

  6. I am impressed that you still CAN cross stitch! I like your new system of highlighting the rows-smart. Sorry about the snap frame....