Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Weekend Update

 Before all the eclipse hoopla we had Daughter and her hubby over to celebrate her birthday on Sunday.

Instead of a present, her dad gave her a day of golf.

Here is a picture of something she did good but I forgot what it was. I know nothing about golf.

 I was at home making lunch for everybody while they were off chasing little balls around. Daughter asked for Bay crabs and shrimp from the little seafood stand down the street.

There was potato and macaroni salad along with corn on the cob. I tried my hand at making a Maryland speciality, Smith Island Cake. I only managed four of the traditional eight layers but it was still good.

 Daughter loved her kitty poufs.

She brought the present she had given herself for her birthday during her New York trip. She has a handbag stash like I have a yarn stash. It takes all kinds.

This is the cake her hubby had gotten for her birthday dinner with her skating co-workers earlier in the month. Apparently this is a big deal on the internet and Daughter had her heart set on one even though finding someone who made them in the DC area wasn't easy-or cheap. Any guy who goes to this kind of trouble for a birthday that doesn't even end in a zero is a keeper!


  1. The unicorn cake is adorable!!!

    I can't imagine what it must have cost. I just bought a simple chocolate raspberry cake from a local bakery for $31.00! I almost had a fainting spell right there at the counter.

    I'm sure the unicorn would have had me in total apoplexy! But, you are right. That man is a KEEPER!

  2. Ahhh, daughter and Daddy look so cute and happy together. Both cakes look great - but I'd go for the Smith Island version, thank you very much...AFTER the crabs and shrimp. You are a wonderful Mommy. Kitty poufs are darling and I love her new bag too!!

  3. I had a little freak out. Al has a friend GInny in the DC area who looks SOOOO much like your daughter. I thought, can't be,.... and of course it wasn't but wow. Doppleganger. I LOVE the cake. He must love her tons which is what we all want for our kids right?

  4. It sounds like a lovely day for your daughter. And two cakes! That makes any birthday special. The unicorn cake is something else, but the cake made with love by you is probably even more special to her. Love the kitty poufs and the fact that she spent the day with her dad. It's wonderful that as our kids get older they appreciate gifts of love like this instead of "the latest and greatest" gifts. Gifts made with love or time spent with each other are the best after all.

  5. I love the way your family and your daughter celebrated her birthday! I am a huge fan of doing something fun together as a gift. That includes meals. I think we are still your putt putt version of golf. hehe. I had to google the smith island cake (very cool!) and that unicorn cake. I think it's sweet he made so much effort for something so fun and special to her. What a guy! What a really fantastic birthday!!!

  6. Great birthday celebration! The time with her dad is priceless! The dinner and your cake looks fantastic, too! I'm not much of a handbag person, either, but it is very pretty! Nice fancy cake, too-how did it taste?!

  7. GOod for your daughter having a great day, many thanks to Dad and you that is for sure.