Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Time Out

 Daddio's rings are all appliqued down thanks to the tip I got from Cindy at Delighted Hands. That  invisible Sulky thread is just what I needed. I am at a standstill though because I am waiting for an order of batiks to finish up a few more fancy borders to add some additional size to it. I had only bought Daddio a few packs of charm squares for this project thinking he would never finish it. He sure fooled me.

 While I was working on finishing Daddio's quilt I realized I had made a boo boo on mine. See those dark diamonds that connect the rings? I never made them for mine.

Parts of them occur when you join the rings but the rest have to be made and added later. I am also out of material so I'm waiting for that order to finish mine too.

For now it's all draped around the house. I just hope the cats don't notice. It could get ugly.


  1. So pretty! I am still dreaming about English piecing, years of dreaming. Multi-craftiness is nerve-racking. I wish I could find time for everything like you do.

  2. What a great looking quilt. Daddies AND you did a great job.

  3. Stunning!!!! Wow, you sure did a great job on your dad's rings! Nice to see so much progress; glad the invisible thread helped!
    I've never thought to applique the rings down-that is a fantastic way to avoid the dreaded football shaped piecing!

  4. Oh yes! That looks like a perfect (and beautifully colorful) cat toy. LOL Hope they stay safe from curious paws!

  5. Beautiful. What a riot of color - love it!!

  6. Wow it looks great! I love that our blog friends are so crafty and full of great advice. I'm really glad that Cindy was able to give you a good quilter's tip. I'm useless for that stuff!

  7. It is kind of cool that he fooled you! it is going to be really something when finished.