Saturday, August 26, 2017

Like the Wind

Before I start rambling on about knitting whatnots let me first send some positive thoughts to friends in Texas. I've knit for babies that live in Texas and I've got more than my fingers crossed in hopes that they weather this storm. This is a familiar area to The Mister and I. We took Daddio on a road trip down interstate 10 from New Orleans to San Antonio the year after mom died so the old guy could see the Alamo. It was quite the adventure.

 When I haven't been watching The Weather Channel, I've been knitting like crazy on this sock so I can have a fresh start for the fall KAL. It's the last of a pair and I have had them on the needles since the first of May. It went along for a long ride yesterday. Nothing is better than car knitting for getting something done.

 We had lots of errands to run. It all began at the gas station and then the 7-11 for The Mister's obligatory coffee. I had just passed the heel decreases. Once I'm past that part it's game on.

 Next stop Michael's. I sat in the car and knitted with the pups while The Mister picked out a new model to work on.

 By the time we were at AC Moore' s I was halfway up the foot. The Mister picked up another model here. He's a model making machine.

 We stopped at McD's for an egg mcmuffin for the dog's breakfast and then took a walk around a nearby pond.

 It was a beautiful day for sitting and knitting and the old doggie agreed. She loves her pooch pouch and I agree. Best purchase ever.

By the time we made our last stops-at the bank and then Walmart for cat food, I was at the toe. It was time to start decreasing but I was done in. I'll save that for another day. Tomorrow.


  1. That is a LOT of sock progress for one day!

    Old doggie looks quite happy with the pooch pouch!!!

  2. You go girl! I'm at the same place with my socks. Finished the heel decreases and halfway up the foot. I've only been working on it in the car and unfortunately haven't had too many car trips recently. Hopefully it will be finished this weekend. I really like your yarn and it looks like fall to me.
    That hurricane looks scary to me. Prayers are going up for all of the people in it's path.

  3. I loved to watch the sock grow through your day! Great yarn and it will be a nice pair of socks-you can finish the pair with another shopping day! (My DH will go to Texas if the storm is as bad as they say-he helps out the power co as extra manpower in emergencies so I'm watching the storm, too, to see if he will be going!)

  4. Old doggie has the cutest little face ever!! I'm playing catch up on my blog reading as my little Levi has been going through a rough patch with his seizures again. Sigh It's been three nights since I've been able to sleep. Hoping he gets through today without one. Nice work on those socks!

  5. That is some speed knitting. I also knit socks in the car, but it takes weeks.

  6. That sock is gorgeous! And doggy is sooooo cute! What a smile!

  7. Sweet doggie puc. Love your socks. I have yet to master car knitting...always too busy looking at everything except the knitting.

  8. You must be such a fast knitter, either that or The Mister took an awful long time searching for a good model. Those poor people in Texas.