Tuesday, August 22, 2017

All Caught Up

 Miss Bah Humbug (me) had an absolute blast on the boardwalk with all the other geeks during the eclipse yesterday. I didn't have any glasses when I first got down there but there were plenty of nice people who were willing to share so I could get a peek.

There was a crowd. You can tell what side the sun was on. I thought the pier might tip over.

 We had some cloud cover but it only added to the excitement.

 The wind was really whipping the waves up. The beach crowd was loving it.

 The Mister found a lady who had glasses to spare so we had our own by the time things got good. We tailgated under a shady tree to pass the time.

 As the moon made its way across the sun the world turned gray.

It got a little spooky. It made me think of this scene from Independence Day and we all know what came next. Was there going to be lizardmen or a global apocalypse? Yikes.

 The sun ducked behind some rain clouds just at the moment we had all been waiting for. We got sprinkled on.

 When it emerged it was met with oohs and aahs. It was a pretty sight.

 The kids on the boardwalk were fascinated by the patterns it was making through the trees.

 Pup was loving the fact that she could walk on the pavement without burning her little feet. It didn't get really dark here but it got much cooler during the moon cover. The Mister and I had to laugh at how many people warned us not to let the pups look at the sun. As if.

Back at home I had a surprise waiting for me. Thanks to Cindy of Delighted Hands I've got some goodies that will always remind me of this fun day. A sunflower dishcloth? What could be more perfect. The watercolor card is frame worthy, and that shoe kit...you can't get more fabulous than that. I'll have to hide that skate bag from Daughter. Just wait until she sees that. Thanks, Cindy. I love it all.  And a great big thanks to Kathy B who arranged the swap!


  1. Loved seeing your pictures. We got NO eclipse here today. It was raining all afternoon.

    Glad you had such a wonderful time and glad you didn't "let" pup look at the sun. People are so silly sometimes.

  2. We just had a partial eclipse here, but it was like sunset and the crickets were chirping and it got really cool. Our neighbors here at the lake shared their sunglasses with me. We were just north of "the band of totality". That sounds so serious!! :-). Love your swap package. It was a really fun swap.

  3. Nice to see the pics of the eclipse since my experience was such a washout! Glad your pkg came to mark the day!

  4. There was a fair amount of cloud cover here in NJ; mainly it got darker and cooler. The shadows were the surprise to me - that was very cool! A friend of my son's was in NYC and he sent me pics of people in Central Park. I think everything was closed there for a few hours -- so many people! Such a wonderful sight to see that many people gathered together to share the experience!

  5. oh ECLIPSE , pup and swap pictures. What could be finer? You deserved a great day lady. That sunflower cloth is adorable. THe skate clearly a thoughtful gift from someone who has read your blog!

  6. So much fun in this post with the eclipse and that great swap. I stayed in for the eclipse at work but did see the word dim a bit at the peak time. It might have been 3 degrees cooler but when it is already 93 can you really tell?

  7. What a fabulous day to enjoy the eclipse! I like the way you spent it! Kathy B really knows how to organize a good swap, probably because she knows such good people like yourselves.

  8. We are very close to the path so it got pretty dark here. Yard and barn lights triped on and it got quite a bit cooler too. It was a neat thing to witness.