Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fairy Business

 Down in the card room I had some new things waiting for me when I got back from kitty sitting. I kept the poor UPS guy pretty busy while I was away. I invested in a giant ream of Neenah Bright White card stock after hearing everyone rave about it on YouTube. Did I love it? No. It's just like any other card stock. In fact, I think it pilled more than the cheap stuff I get at Micheals. Live and learn.

Since I didn't get this month's card kit, I also had bought some fairy stamps and dies from Lawn Fawn.

 Too cute, huh?

 They were fun to color.

 During one of my craft store visits last week I found these pastel paper packs in the clearance bin.

Perfect for making fairy cards, right? This should keep me busy for a while.


  1. They are "fairy" cute!

  2. So sorry about the disppointing card stock, but those fairies! Oh my goodness! They make up for any other oopsies this week don't they? So cute and sweet. Anyone lucky enough to get one of those cards will be smiling for days.

  3. Those fairies are so cute! Excellent choice!

  4. Fairies to the rescue!! I love fairies!

  5. This post was just what I needed to lift my spirits!

  6. Love those fairies! We have a few in our garden window.

  7. I love fairies and always wanted to make a fairy garden at the base of one of my giant trees. I hope I do it before I get much older!