Thursday, August 17, 2017

Put a Ring on It

That's the box of materials for the new epic paper piecing project. I can't open it though until the wedding ring quilt is done.

 I thought I was finished making the rings but I miscounted. I needed two more-I thought.

 It was slow going after a while because I sewed a hole in my finger. I couldn't find my fancy little sticky pads but I discovered that electrical tape works just as well. Maybe better.

 Sewing the big pile of snaky rings together was interesting. It was a bit like wrestling an octopus.

 But once I got going it was a quick sew.

 I miscounted-again. I had one poor little ring leftover. It made me sad but not sad enough to add another row.

It ended up being bigger than I had planned. It's now three rings by four rings because....well, because of math. Now I am off to figure out what to use for a backing. I need a big piece of something. It will probably be plain old muslin. I looked at the prices of extra wide material and I'm not going there.


  1. I think a plain muslin will be perfect. It will let the rings be the star of the show.

    The rings are beyond beautiful!

    I have to ask though...what happens to the paper. Does it stay in there or do you take it out?

    1. The paper is pulled out after a good pressing, just before you applique it down. It's not hard at all to get them out.

  2. Oh wow! That's so cool! I admire your control in not opening the new box too. I could never do that. I have no control over myself when new things arrive.

  3. How about a flap flannel sheet?

  4. Fantastic! I can't believe you sewed this many together already! No wonder you poked a hole in your leather thimble!!! This is spectacular!

  5. I have to laugh. I create bandaids with tape and tissue all the time. Nurse in the field I guess! Whatever works. LOVE the quilt coming along. WOWZA Deb

  6. Plain muslin sounds absolutely perfect to set off those rings. They are gorgeous. I hope your finger heals quickly. You have no time for ouchies! :-)

  7. Wow! I love seeing how the small pieces came together to make those beautiful rings. I'm sorry there was some finger sacrifice that had to make it happen.

    "Sewing the big pile of snaky rings together was interesting. It was a bit like wrestling an octopus."

    Sorry girl you aren't selling that kind of quilt crafting for me. I'll leave that stuff to you and my other sewing pals and Moms. xoxo