Monday, August 28, 2017

A FO, an Uh Oh and an OMG

 Here's the FO. The Miss Bab's socks are done. That's her 2017 MDSW colorway Inner Harbor View.

 Whenever I stand in line with that itty bitty skein of expensive sock yarn I always think it won't be enough for a decent pair of socks. It always is. I even have 1.4 ounces left over.

Now for the Uh Oh...My Halloween socks are too small. They won't go over my heel thanks to all the fancy stranding. I thought they were looking a little snug when I put them up against the finished ones.

 So...they will become Halloween mitts instead. I've gone too far to give up now. This could work.

 As for the OMG...look at my bed. My sock drawer exploded.

 I've got over 60 pairs of socks....

 ....including another drawer of thick handspun croc socks for when it really gets cold.

I spent the afternoon organizing them all and looking for moth damage. I am happy to say I saw none so they all went back in. There may just be room for another pair or two-thank goodness. I can't stop making socks.


  1. The sock boo boo looks great as a mitt and just think of this ..... more people will SEE mitts than they would socks! This might be the best "mistake" ever!

  2. So many beautiful socks! Looks like a treasure island.

  3. Love the Miss Babs socks. That color way is great. What a wonderful ide a to make the socks into mitts. They will be easier for people to see the great design too. Have you ever thought of donating some of your socks? That way you would have lots of room for the new ones! :-). I need to check mine for moth damage too before winter sets in. Thank for the reminder.

  4. Your finished socks are truly lovely. And I love the idea of pumpkin mitts!

    WOW - I would love to have that many pairs of handknit socks for myself! This year, trying for my Box o' Socks should help though.

  5. Wow, great socks from the MDSW colorway!
    Terrific way to save the the holloween socks-I like them better as mitts, too!
    What a laugh over the sock drawer! I cleaned mine out last Fall-it needs organizing, too! Sigh. I recognize lot of the socks in the pile! You can NEVER have too many socks-KNIT ON!!!!!

  6. You've got me beat on the socks. I've got about 30 pairs!

    The Miss Babs socks are gorgeous!

  7. Those Halloween socks that morphed into Halloween mitts are so cute! Good save!!! You've got a pretty healthy sock knitting addiction going there but one can never have to many socks so I say carry on. ;-)

  8. all those socks! Amazing! I love the halloween ones,so glad your work wont be wasted, and they will be far better to be on show on your hands I think :)

  9. OH my gosh. That stranded colorwork does get really tight doesnt it?
    Its so cheery and Halloweeny! I LOVE THEM

  10. Love your idea of turning socks into mitts - brilliant! Your Miss Babs socks are so pretty. You have more patience than me to wait in that line at MDSW. I have serious envy over your sock drawer!

  11. Your sock drawers is so impressive. I stand behind the two weights of sock inventory. It's just plain practical. I LOVE your Miss Babs socks. that colorway! I just went to visit her site. sigh. I didn't need to do that. No. Just. Say. No, Ellen.