Sunday, August 20, 2017

When Knitting Attacks

 Whenever you see a pile of yarn next to a lace project it's never good.

 I was knitting along minding my own business when I turned my work and about two weeks worth of progress fell off the needles. No problem, I thought. I just found my way to a good starting place and went on.

 Except a few days later I looked at where I came from and noticed-it looked awful. First I must have started on the wrong row. The lace was off. Then the stitches where I attached the border were so stretched out they had left holes. Tink. tink, tink. I started again and this time I used another thread to attach the border. Then I put it in time out for a while. Naughty old thing.

 That wasn't all. I made this baby hat for the Purple Hat Project from one of their patterns but it wouldn't fit a grapefruit. Too small and too awful. That yarn is horrible to work with and horrible to look at. Ugh.

 I didn't give up. I started again with different yarn but this time I think it's going to be too big. Goodness. This is not going well either.

 Next in my long line of failures this week is my Tracery vest. I've been happily knitting along not realizing that all those arm and neck decreases were making my vest disappear faster than I think it should have.

 Not counting the steeks, there is not much left on the back on on the fronts and still a long way to go to get the right length. I am not sure where this is going or how I'm going to fix it. It's in time out too.

Except for socks the only other thing I have on the needles is this giant blanket and it's too hot for all that yarn in my lap. This just hasn't been my week for the sticks and the string. I need cooler weather or a cooler head.


  1. If it makes you feel better I frogged a sweater that was almost 1/2 way completed. Then when frogging I got the yarn in a big mess so the whole thing is in time out. The yarn is gorgeous and this is my third attempt to make it into something, what is wrong with me?

  2. Welcome to my world! LOL I feel so much better now knowing I'm not the only one messing up.

  3. Oh no. Definitely time to step away and pour yourself a drink. A BIG drink!

  4. Oh no! There are definitely weeks like that aren't there? I love my little baby doll that I use use for newborn sized clothes. I used one of the purple hat project patterns on their website too and it was waaaaaay off. So I went back to one of my good old standbys in plain knitting and it fit my baby doll perfectly. I hope you get all your projects sorted out but in the mean time just think of all the other crafts you have to work on.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. Maybe pick up some cross stitch instead.

    As for Red Heart .......just say NO! That stuff is AWFUL!

  6. Oh I have weeks like that too. I cry . Hope you dont cry. Do something really really easy!

  7. I've had that kind of week and have ripped out more than I have progressed! I am blaming my insanity about the most mundane things on the Eclipse......
    I'm sorry it has been such a disaster!

  8. I've been doing a lot of tinking lately also. Maybe we should blame it on the eclipse? You are brave to make something that requires steeking! Hope this week's been better!