Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Soap Tales

 Meet Redwood and Saffron. As you can see the fall soap making production is still in full swing. Some were good....

 ...some were not. Meet Fire Tree. I love this new scent but I hated what the colors did. I used clays instead of micas and forgot they don't play nice together when you try to swirl them. It was even worse when I redid it the micas. I was trying too hard.

 So I cut up all the ugly bars from the second ill fated batch and tried for the third time by putting all the bits in more batter. This last ditch attempt came, interesting. I think I'll stop right here though. I know when I am licked.

 I had enough leftover for a cute little batch in my new small mold. I like these. Less is more.

While I was cutting and embedding I chopped up all the leftover soap from last Christmas to get a headstart on this year. Meet Christmas Candy.

I've also been busy testing and wrapping this week.

 I predicted The Mister would love the too strong Jackfruit and Kiwi bar and sure enough, as soon as I cut them all up for handsoap he came out of the shower raving how this is the best bar I've ever made. He loved the bubbles. It figures. I went back and looked at the recipe and I'll give it a try with a lighter fragrance. That will make us both happy.

 Making life in the soap world easier has been an re-organization of the craft room. I flip flopped the yarn and fiber for the soap supplies on the shelves making it much more handy. I have no idea why it took me so long to realize that the soap things should be closer to the table.

I also invested in a small ladder. No more falling off the chair I used to stand on to put the soap on the top shelves for curing. I still have the scars from the last tumble.


  1. I'm always puzzled when you say the soap didn't turn out right, because honestly, I think it is ALL beautiful. Seriously I do. I spent hours today reorganizing my yarn closet. I'm embarrassed at how much yarn I have. But I love it all.

  2. This weekend is the anniversary of my falling from the chair and breaking my tailbone. GOOD MOVE my friend.

  3. I think the soaps all look nice - but I know when you are making something, if you don't really like it, it kinda ruins it. But boy I'll bet they all smell really good!

  4. I'm another one who thinks your soaps always look pretty. And, they are fabulous!! I need to reorganize so many things...first I need to get motivated to do so.

  5. Those ladders are the best....I have several in different sizes. Boy you sure have been busy making soap and it all looks great.

  6. I too think your soaps always look great!

    The step ladder is a good idea. I need to get Dave one for the garage. He's keeps using a folding chair and one of these days I know it's going to end badly.

  7. I love your marblings, even those you do not approve.
    As for the wonderful fragrances.... could you, please, check your ravelry box to solve the mystery :)

  8. I think the soap all turned out well! Nice job on the more efficient shelf organization!