Friday, August 25, 2017

Fall Preview

 It's too early to be breaking out the pumpkin spice coffee but it's not too soon to be deciding on the yarn I am going to be using for Dee and Vera's Fall KAL that starts September first.

 I've got a lot to choose from but I think I am going with Maple Leaves.

 I thought I may like an interesting pattern to go with the Felici stripe so I went digging through my huge pattern stash.

 I didn't find anything I liked but I did find this. Years ago, this was going to be Halloween socks that I wanted to adapt from the popular pirate hat. I had even wound the yarn but never got around to casting on.

My knitting as of late has been dismal but I did enjoy getting these started.

I found an old gift bag to cart them around in so I won't forget about them. We are having a nice cool down at the moment so I'm thinking ahead. It won't be long now.

I've even got a Halloween towel in the making. I'm ready for fall. Are you?


  1. OHHHHH, I am SO ready for fall and those socks are going to be AWESOME!!!!

  2. Everybody is gung-ho on fall and although I like fall, I detest winter so I'm in no hurry for fall to arrive. That said, I love your projects today. The socks are great and I love that Felici yarn color you plan to use for the KAL.

  3. Autumn is my favorite. Love your idea of the fall projects with such beautiful colors.

  4. What fun to go shopping at home!!!
    Love the colors of the Felici-perfect.
    Nice work on the socks; the towel will be a great project, too-
    No Fall temps here-we hit 97 all day yesterday; I was fried chasing those boys around!

  5. Yes! I'm ready (more than) for Fall. The Maple Leaves yarn is gorgeous! And the socks you started are such fun! It should be a perfect weekend weather-wise here on the east coast!!

  6. When I saw the Maple Leaves yarn I have to admit that my heart skipped a beat! I do love fall but this time of year when there's just an occasional hint of that fall feeling is really my favorite. I love the socks!!

  7. Love the skull socks!
    We've lost all humidity and the temps have dipped! Totally feels like fall. We usually get a heat wave midSeptember, but I think summer is pretty much over! I'm ready for fall.

  8. Those Pirate / Skull socks look so good! I love figuring out what's in the next season's round of knitting, but I'm still holding tight to summer. It's fitting here, we usually have a very warm Sept.

    You know I'm a big fan of the Felici too! those maple colors are lovely. Thanks for the KAL reminder!!

  9. Love the halloween socks too! Your Felici Maple leaves are perfect colors!!

  10. Those might be my favorite socks ever! I am a huge Halloween fan. Love them!