Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Way We Were

 Since the whole house has been a giant mess for weeks now, I decided to get even messier and tackle a job that's been on my list for a while.

 I had tons of photographs in boxes and in dusty old albums all over the house.

 Good golly. Do you remember these?

 Now everyone has their own container of photos. I have these small plastic boxes for my favorites.

 Even Pup has her own.

As do the pets that went over Rainbow Bridge. That's Duffy. Best. Dog. Ever.

I still have giant envelopes of wedding photos and 8x10 collages I thought were a good idea at the time. I'll figure those out later.

As many went out in the trash as went in these boxes. Why did we used to think multiple prints were a good idea?


  1. Good job. BIg job well done. Yes why did we think multiple prints were such a good thing? I want to send you to Stef's post today if you haven't seen it. She made a flip card that is very cool. WoolyCakesandWooodenSpoons site .

  2. I did that job a couple of years back and the boxes sat in the closet. This past Christmas when our son was here I asked if he wanted them. He rooted through. Threw out some not so good photos and took the whole box with him when he went home. He's now the keeper of the memories.

    Yes ........there were plenty of those slide (that were my Dad's), but we have no way to "show" them.

  3. I am planning on doing the same thing. Here's your box-now do what you want with it.

  4. Don't get me started on duplicate photos! I just found a box of photos from when Dave and I first started dating... DOUBLES of everything! they need a good sort out and a lot are going in the trash.

  5. I tried to do that a while ago. I got rid of so many photos but it still feels like the amount I have is stifling!

  6. Great job! I have so many all helter-skelter in boxes under the bed in the boys room!
    I am great at organizing but that job just hurts to think about! lol

  7. that's what I call organizing! I tackled a bit of that before the big move and then just left it all packed away in the boxes.

  8. Good job!
    When my kids were young and I was scrapbooking, my photos were in good shape. Not true any more.