Monday, June 26, 2017

A FO and an OMG

 First the FO. Ta dah....I have socks off the needles. These are the ones that live in the bag I take to visit Daddio. I have been knitting on them forever. They are HUGE. Look at my sock blocker. You can hardly see it. I started knitting and just went on and on and on. They are also wide. I used a size 2 circular for some reason I can't explain. I am surprised I didn't run out of yarn.

Now I have some Opal on size 1 needles in the bag. I always dig way back in the sock yarn bin to get something I am not wild about for Daddio knitting. It's got to be mindless and it has to be something I could stand to lose. You just never know.

 Now for the OMG. This is the sample I've been spinning from the fleece I brought home from the MDSW. The first problem is that I way over plied it. It's chain plied and I was watching Dr. Who and I just peddled away like crazy. It was a kinky mess.

 After soaking and thwacking, it seemed to straighten itself out.

 It didn't look too bad but it was ITCHY.

 Now I have 2 pounds of useless fiber because I am not wasting my time on itchy. I've got more than enough itchy handspun and I don't need anymore.

 The real OMG is that the Tour starts on Saturday and I AM NOT READY. As you can see getting things off the wheels to free them up has been a challenge. If that wasn't bad enough now I need to get something else to spin. Etsy to the rescue. More on that later.


  1. I love your spinning helpers!!! So cute! I always use size 2 needles for my socks. I'm a pretty tight knitter so they turn out well that way. I like the pattern in your socks though and the Opal yarn is pretty too.

  2. Those are some pretty cute little helpers you have on your lap.

  3. Could you use the itchy for something more substantial hooking a rug or is it too soft for that? I hate to see all that fleece go to waste.

  4. I am not ready for the TDF either but I have a list to help me...
    The socks are great-just in time for the 4th, too!

  5. I love your helpers!

    The socks look nice, even if they are too big. And that is a shame about the fleece - is there anyone you could sell/swap/give it to? I was just thinking maybe someone else wouldn't mind itchy. Having said that, if you are like me, sometimes you just don't want to use any more brain power to deal with something ...

  6. OH itchy and I do not get along! I have to touch the yarn before I purchase it in most cases. I have one small skein of a handspun I purchased. I look at it. It is pretty. You have a few days to get ready for the TOUR!

  7. I thought I was the only one who worked faster and faster when I'm watching something on television! I'll watch the newest Dr.Who I have on dvr today and see what speed I get up to --

  8. I'm with you on itchy. I can't stand itch!

  9. You could make a plant holder with the itchy. :)

  10. I Think you are right, why waste time with itchy when there is so much wonderful fiber out there. OMG it is Tour time already!!!!!