Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hard Labor

 Going to Ikea and buying furniture is too much fun but putting it all together is not.

We started working on it Monday morning. The weather was too nice over the weekend for housework. Today we can see the floor at last but there are still several boxes to go.

The Mister's old mail carrier's knees won't let him get down on the floor so we enlisted every table in the house to hold the pieces as we assembled them. Pup's not sure what's going on. The entire house is a disaster.

 At dinnertime yesterday we had the armoire finished. It was a job. It's really big.

What started all this insanity was a dusty pile of quilts. Old quilts, new quilts. My great grandmother's quilts, the quilts I made when the kids were babies and of course Daddio's new additions. I had no place to put them where they would stay clean. They were on an open shelf that was not good enough for all the hard work and memories that went into them.

While The Mister was drilling and hammering, I would run up and down to the laundry as I rinsed and dried each and every one and then gave them a good inspection.

It is a real testament to my great grandmother's skills that you can put her almost 100 year old handsewn and hand quilted beauties through the rigors of a modern laundry without a problem. If you could see all these tiny perfect stitches you would swoon. I do.


  1. Beautiful quilt!!! I'm just amazed at the hand quilting on that. My goodness...there's a lot of love sewn into that beauty! I have a lot to of respect for anyone willing to put Ikea furniture together. LOL Looks like pup does too. ;-)

  2. So wonderful. I love that you have quilts of so many generations. I do love Ikea, but assembling their stuff is a real PITA.

  3. There's a swoon here-this quilt is a beauty!
    Glad you have the armoire finished-it sure is a job!

  4. You're so lucky to have old quilts in such good shape. I still have the ones my Mom made me when I was in my teens, but they've been loved to death and are in tatters! Dave calls them my hobo blankets.

  5. It's good that they will have a safe place to be when they aren't snuggled around someone.

  6. I'm swooning right along with you and I can't even see each individual stitch. The quilt is gorgeous. IKEA furniture can be a real pain, but it's worth it when it's all put together. I miss visiting IKEA. We need to get one closer to us.
    Blessings, Betsy

  7. Clearly you have inherited great grans skills and you have nutured them into your own unique passions. Lovely lovely quilts !!!

  8. I have some of my grandmother's quilts and I feel the same way, swoon!