Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Rock and Roll Edition

 One of the good things about cleaning out your parent's house is that you find big chunks of your past in boxes in the attic.

 The Mister came home with a box of his old music magazines.  I had a blast from the past going through them. It's scary that I know most of the lyrics to most of the songs.

I was a total groupie for about an hour or so last night reading all the articles.  Cat Stevens....he still does it for me. I'm listening to him right now. I still want to ride that peace train. Ever see Harold and Maude? It's on tonight at 8 on TCM. I hope I remember.

Women were hard to come by but there was Janis. She was still alive when the article was written. She was but a moment's sunlight fading in the grass wasn't she? I adored her.

The ads were the best part. Remember filling out these coupons and sticking them in the mail and then waiting for stuff for 6-8 weeks? Ancient times.

Did you ever fall for the Columbia House thing? I did. If something looks too good to be true it usually is. I think they invented that saying just for them.

 How many of you did this? I did. I never won anything but I did join the Rosicrucians.  My mother was furious with me. She thought they would show up at the front door. They didn't. They just wanted my money.

Is this the pantsuit you were talking about Kathy B? Tee hee.....

 Hmmmm....why was The Mister checking off song lyrics? House at Pooh Corner? Seriously, dude?

 Then it hit me. We have a room downstairs filled with these.

 He has 10 of these single containers and 5 crates of albums from the good old days. He was quite the music man. Not so much anymore-unless it's Stevie Nicks. She still lights his fire.

Now it's me who keeps the tunes going all day. Me and Alexa grooving to the oldies. Rock on.


  1. Oh my gosh! I just traveled back to my teen years. Yes to Spunky. Yes to Columbia House. Yes to that song list. Oh my goodness. Thank you!!!'mm

  2. I loved House at Pooh Corner AND Mr. Bojangles! Yes, I drew Spunky and I lusted after one of those $16.99 wigs to cover up the bad haircuts from our local cheapie salon. (I did buy a Dynel pony tail once. Yes, it was as ugly as it sounds. I loved it. I had a pin on chignon too.) LOL

    Ah the good ol' days of polyester pantsuits and highly flammable spare hair.

  3. HAhahahaha - what a blast from the past! I loved Janis Joplin -- I'm sure our neighbors were not pleased about me blasting her music all day and night. Oh and Cat Stevens too! Jumpsuits, wigs, contests - LOL

  4. Oh man, what memories! I always wanted to meet someone who drew Spunky and as a result became a famous artist ... :-)

  5. Ah, memory lane is right! We all fell for those ads! I just didn't save anything-it's all in my head!

  6. Well, that was a magical mystery tour! What great memories and I have to admit to owning a "fall" - that long wig-like thing that you were supposed to hide with your own hair. I shudder to think but I felt really cool in it at the time!

  7. David Cassidy? Swoon! I was in love with that guy. Or in crush.
    We must be the same age. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  8. Not quite THE pantsuit!!!!!! I still love house at pooh corner. Yes ir emember waiting 4-6 weeks for things! Also:hot august night yup neil diamond

  9. Oh my goodness what fun! You must have loved every minute looking at those magazines. I was more of a Shaun Cassidy fan myslef.