Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Nose Knows

 Here I am last night in my downstairs craft room having a gin and tonic after moving all the furniture around once again.

 I went down to start yet another cross stitch sampler but as soon as I hit the door, I knew.

 Mold. I can smell mold a mile away. The closet had gotten wet during the big flood and the baseboard was getting moldy. Not good. I pulled everything out, gave it good mopping with bleach water and turned on the dehumidifier.

 I listened to it hum while I stitched away on several of Daddio's ancient projects.

 I did finish one of the yo yo pillows that we had started years ago.

I thought he would like making the cute little things but he didn't. I got hooked instead. I've got a million of these things. I see lots of funky little pillows in my future.


  1. Oh no! Mold is NO fun. I hop eyes u were able to get rid of it with your cleaning and the dehumidifier. Love your pillow. I would like to get back to sewing sometime if my back will let me sit at the machine.

  2. Yeah, I have problems with mold, too!
    Nice to have a good sit and stitch for your reward-the quilt projects are always amazing!

  3. Well, at least your G&T wasn't ruined.

  4. That mold odor is one I can pick up on in a hot second; kudos for getting right to the problem! And, thanks for the reminder - I have to go empty my humidifier! Love that quilt so much! Such lovely colors and design! Take care -

  5. I wage a constant battle with mold in this apartment. I KNOW it's there. I can SMELL it, but I can't find it.

    Hope you were able to totally eradicate yours.

    The yo yo pillow is very cute.

  6. Ugh MOLD. I hate it. I should mop our darkroom in the basement just to be sure none starts.
    I LOVE your pillows and the fact that daddio helped

  7. Yikes....mold is no fun! On the other hand that pillow is. I love it!

  8. I echo Kathy "ugh mold"
    At least you've got some pretty distractions.

  9. Yuck on the mold. Love the little pillow, so cute.