Monday, June 12, 2017

No Sticks, Just String

There has been a flurry of activity with the loom. I've gotten serious about getting the last project done and the next one warped.

 I just got an order of cotton for a project that is going to be a gift and that is always fun. When I was kitty sitting at Daughter's I could not find a dish towel in her kitchen to save my life. She may have some somewhere but for her birthday in August she is going to get some more.

For now it has to sit on the messy shelf with the rest of the weaving stash. It's gotten a bit out of control. I need to spend some time with it too. It will be fun just to see what projects to be I've got tucked away in those piles.


  1. Oh, your weaving is always fun and like magic to me. I can't wait to see the magic happening on the loom again.

  2. I love your weaving. Great idea for a gift too.

  3. Well one can never have enough dish towels so I'm sure she will love the gift. Her colors are the same as my daughters by the way.

  4. Burgundy and white .....always a winning combination!

  5. I like the classic color you are putting on the loom but the colors for daughter's towels are stunning!