Saturday, June 10, 2017

One Thing Leads to Another

 During yesterday's field trip I picked up this spool rack and happily spent the morning arranging my thread stash.

That lead to an organizing of the floss as well.

 I have bags and bags of it. Most of it is attached to an old project either long finished or abandoned.

 I never seem to throw any of it away but today it got a good going over and a good organizing, I am happy to say. Lots got tossed including several projects that were either ruined from improper storage or ridiculously impossible.

 That then lead to an organizing of the stitching books and magazines. I'd forgotten all about these. Mom and I used to collect them. Cross stitching was her thing and we would get so excited over each new issue.

Then I remembered I had this tucked away. It was the sampler from the cover. I was making it for Mom. Her house being on the water was decorated in a nautical theme.

 Now it's in the frame of shame meaning it's in the living room where I can't forget it any longer. Mom might not be here anymore but I am determined to finish her sampler.

I'm making it easy on myself. I made lots of copies of the yellowed and very fragile original chart and then cut them so I can work with the motifs right on the cloth to speed things up.

I also found this tucked away. In my sheepy shopping frenzy last week I'd forgotten all about the pattern I already had. I need to organize more often. It would definitely save me money.


  1. Cutting and pinning the pattern to your project is pure GENIUS!!!

  2. It reminds me of the book, "If you give a mouse a cookie!" I'm jealous of all of your cross stitch patterns. I especially like the sheep. Can I come play at your house?

  3. Organization always leads to finding treasures. Love your idea od cutting pattern.

  4. Oh, the nautical sampler is perfect and it is wonderful to finish it!

  5. Spool racks are the best! I find all kinds of things here when I organize and my thread spools are definately in need of a spool rack!

  6. I really love the idea of working with the stitching motif right next to the section you're working on! I'm going to pull out a piece that I've been ignoring for quite a while and try using that technique, so thanks for the tip!

  7. The nautical sampler for your mom and YOU now, is lovely. I am tempted to do some more embroidery on pillow cases. We'll see. Love that you organzied all the threads.