Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bye Bye Baby Bunting

 Kathy B posted that photo last week of the baby bunting she made for her kids that she couldn't part with. I told her I would show her the abomination I made back in the day and here it is. That's poor Son #2 stuffed in it playing like a baby for a laugh. It took so long to crochet the darn thing that he grew up before I finished it. That's child abuse right there folks.

 Here's the same poor kid on Daddio's lap months earlier actually fitting into some equally awful holiday overalls I crocheted him. I must have been on a hook binge with this kid because....

Here he is again a few months earlier in some granny square thingy I concocted. I do believe there was an issue getting his head through the neck hole.

 Here is big brother in 1977 in the VERY first thing ever I knitted. It was a kit from the dimestore and the yarn was this horrible rayon like stuff. It's a wonder I ever picked up the needles again.

I had better luck a year later with this cabled sweater that he seemed to like. He did wear it a lot. I wonder what ever happened to it? I also wonder how he got that big boo boo....

I remember being really excited about knitting this fringed cowboy sweater for Son #1. Most of my patterns came from Woman's Day or Family Circle. What else was there in those days?
(DIL, I can hear you gasp when you see this photo. Son #2 is a dead ringer for Grand #2, right? It's almost scary.)

Look at that. Not one but two Icelandic style sweaters. Where did I find the time with those two hoodlums on the loose? And they were hoodlums. 18 months apart and full of trouble.

Daugher came along later and I couldn't wait to buy some pink and purple yarn.

Awwww......where does the time go? And.....where did all these knits go? Did I toss them? I have no idea. I am thinking (and hoping) they wore them to rags-but honestly, I can't remember that far back anymore. It's all becoming a blur.


  1. Loved the trip down memory lane. You knit A LOT for your kids. I made two things for Stephen. A sweater that turned out much too girly looking for a little boy (and was too big for a newborn) and one of those zippered onesie type things. They were passed on to someone (my sister-in-law, I think). Now I wish I had them back. They were actually quite nice, but not quite useful here in Florida.

  2. Oh my goodness! You were one prolific knitter and the results were (mostly) spectacular! Although son #2 may never forgive your for sharing that first photo! Ha! It's a shame you don't still have all of them.

  3. I loved these photos! All the knits for my guys are long gone, too. That's alright-we have the memories and at least you have photos!
    (My first son had the big brown pacifier also-how he loved that thing!)

  4. Omg! Darling kids and darling outfits! I love this post! I love the little bonnet you made for daughter.... those were always so never see them anymore. Sigh ;-)

  5. Oh my gosh. You got better and better and better! I love the icelandic sweaters. And the pink hoodie in the last image would still be amazing! YEs we had few patterns back then. We are so much luckier now! You tube help at our fingertips! Wheeee

  6. Wow! You made so many things for your kids!! I knit a couple of sweaters for Colin (which he refused to wear).

  7. THese are the best photos!! Oh my goodness those babies are adorable and I love , love, love the CHristmas outfit, what a hoot. I knit baby sweaters for my boys, I think they wore them once each. I wonder if I still have them......

  8. Fun! So you also crochet? You sure are one multi-talented person!