Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Measure Twice, Cut Once

 I am squaring off the mini quilt and preparing it for binding.

 I really like it but I am having a devil of  time with it's matching table runner.

I thought I would use the pattern from the kit I just bought for a 4th of July runner.

It has you make a whole lot of these.

And then put them together like that. It's been a fiddly nightmare. Apparently I'm not so good at piecing. I'm glad I didn't waste my kit material on all the boo boos I've been making.

The pinwheel welcome quilt is coming along a bit better. I am really liking making these little blocks. I can just see a quilt just like it made up of all my crazy colored scrap charm squares-someday.


  1. So many pretty colors. Hope your table runner starts "marching to the right beat" soon.

  2. Love your mini quilt. It all seems so fiddly to me...I don't think I have the patience for that.

  3. That mini quilt is just lovely. I'm sorry the table runner has been so frustrating for you. I hope everything "clicks" soon and you like the outcome after all of that work.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. I just love blues and yellows . Mini quilts always catch my eye!

  5. Looks like that table runner is going to be worth all the effort though. I really like the look of it.

  6. Such pretty fabrics to work with! Sometimes piecing can be a bear! Hang in there!