Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day Interrupted

 The Mister won't be having much of a Father's Day this year. It's been crazy around here. Crazy with a capital C.

 In between trying to get our own house under control (see tomorrow's post) and working on his late mom's house that is on the market, he's about worn to a nub. It's an old place-1918 and in dire need of serious fixing up. When I asked The Mister what he wanted for Father's Day, he said "to be left alone" which is usually my line for Mother's Day.

 To make matters even more complicated, he is the Personal Rep for his mom's estate and the will is in probate at the moment. Judicial probate because of some costly mistakes she made when making out her will. As you can she was certainly not a woman of means but in her will she left lots of odd stuff to lots of people which is a big no no-a lesson we have learned the hard way.

You can't say that you are leaving the Blue Boy painting and the Chinese vases to so and so and just have your Rep give them away. The court has no idea if your vase is Ming Dynasty or if the Blue Boy is the real one or a dime store knock off. It cost The Mister lots of time, trouble and money to find all the things she wanted to giveaway and then have them appraised-at $200 an hour. What a headache it's all been for everyone involved. Lesson learned. Keep stuff out of your will. Keep names out of your will.  AND give your junk away before you go. Your family will thank you.

 In spite of all the insanity around here, he will have something to mark the day. Daughter sent him what I believe is a new golf bag.

The critters and I made him a card and maybe, if we are both not too exhausted I can figure out something special to cook. Or order in. Or something. Is golf on? That'll do it. We both need a day of normal.


  1. I SO hope you get your day of normal. Happy Father's Day to your husband.

  2. It took me almost a year to finish my Dad's estate and his was relatively simple. HE had a good will and everything was split evenly, even so there was headache after headache. I still have not received his $142 check from the IRS for 2015. I have sent in the paperwork five times now.....sigh.

  3. Hope the Mister can find a few hours of peace to re-charge.

  4. Very interesting post. Educational! ! What a disaster and time cruncher!! Yes golf is on! the PGA is being played in our back yard, just abouts. Fireman is going to watch it all day. Then we have a picnic planned. Hope you get some well deserved down time today. Happy Fathers Day to the Mister

  5. I hope the Mr. has a good day off. So sorry to hear of the will issues. I think ours is fairly straightforward, everything is to be divided among our children evenly. Love the card you made. You're such a talented lady. Blessings, Betsy

  6. Too true-give all the things away ahead of time! Sorry for the headaches which just make bitter the grief. Here's to downtime.

  7. Ah to be left alone. Even though it's not relaxing, I am glad he is getting to do what he wants. That's what we all need every now and again. A tiny moment to catch up or stay afloat ;).

    I found the bit you wrote about giving things away within the will very interesting. I think it's some information most of us do not realize. Or is it just me? But see, we don't have "a lot" so we wouldn't think of it. Where else would you put this? A letter of intent? Hmm. Must investigate.