Tuesday, June 6, 2017


 The ball of yellow spaghetti has finally revealed itself in all its glory.

 The thing about a pi shawl is you really can't see what it's going to look like while you are working on it.

 Lace is always somewhat like that but a pi shawl is a whole other dimension of surprise.

 It's hard to show how big this is. It's huge.

 It's also crazy light and fluffy. It's got a soft halo and a beautiful variation of yellows going on.

 It's a Wandering Cat dye creation and I do believe it was a gift. Thanks Valerie, I think we created a masterpiece!

One down and one more to go. There is still more yarn spaghetti among the wips. I just finished the last row of this 2008 shawl this morning. I could call it a done deal but I am going to attempt to add a knitted on border to it since it's so plain. Wish me luck. I am going to need it. My head is already hurting from trying to figure it out.


  1. Aubade is amazing. It is such a lovely color and perfect for showing off the beautiful lace.

  2. I love the subtle changes in the yellow shading. Deb this is my FAVORITE knit of anyone's work in 2017 so far. I just think it is amazing. I'd hang it and frame it!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! I'm trying to wrap my head around how hard that must have been to knit.

  4. Standing ovation!!!! Wow, the color variations and the changing lace sections make this a powerful tho light and airy shawl! I'm happy for you!

  5. I am just amazed by your shawl. It is gorgeous. I was never interested in doing a Pi shawl...until now!

  6. All I did was dunk some yarn in some dye... you're the one who made it a masterpiece - and it truly is! Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Your Pi shawl turned out fantastic! It's huge buttery soft looking!